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Valor Academy Middle School

Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Valor Academy Middle School!

At Valor Academy Middle School, we continue to build upon our strong foundation of high expectations, instructional excellence, and unparalleled school community.

Each year, we continue to advance in the arts, technology, college and career connections, and enrichment experiences -- all designed to provide each and every one of our students an opportunity to discover and reach their true potential.

Our Commitment

We believe strongly in creating an environment where all students can see personalized academic success, engage with their individual interests and desires, and participate in experiences that will help them grow as people by engaging with a variety of cultures, exploring their social-emotional well-being, and learning about the elements of their identities that make them who they are, and serve as the base of who they will become.

And while we realize that growth and success are only made possible through one’s ability to meet and overcome the challenges inherently involved, we are confident in all of our students’ ability to do so, as they are supported by an entire school community of students, parents, educators, and support staff all working together to help them achieve their goals.

Brian Perry
Valor Academy Middle School