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Alder Graduate School of Education Residency Program

Alder Graduate School of Education Residency Program

Bright Star Schools' Alder Teacher Residency

Earn your Master's Degree and Teaching Credential in One Year

Bright Star Schools has partnered with Alder University to offer a Teacher Residency program!

The AlderWIDE SoCal Teacher Residency at Alder GSE is now open for the 2024-2025 cohort!

This fall, Bright Star Schools is recruiting a cohort of teacher residents for the AlderWIDE SoCal Teacher Residency. This is an innovative and affordable pathway to a full-time teaching career in our community. 

Residents earn their master’s degree and teaching credential in just one year through the Alder Graduate School of Education while joining a supportive, mentor-based program emphasizing social justice and equity. After the residency, graduates receive priority hiring as Bright Star teachers.


  • Earning your Master’s Degree and Teaching Credential in one year.
  • Apprenticing four days a week with an expert teacher in your residency school.
  • Learning within a cohort of peers with whom you will work (and laugh) all year, paving the way to becoming lifelong friends and colleagues.
  • Building a relationship with an expert instructional leader in K–12 education, who will advise and support you through one-on-one observation and dialogue.
  • Engaging in critical conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion with your mentor, instructors, and peers.
  • Receiving priority consideration for a full-time position upon completing the program.
  • Doing all of this at a cost that is affordable and includes financial support.

Applications are now open! 

AlderWIDE SoCal Teacher Residency at Alder GSE


~$21,930 tuition (final tuition set in Dec. 2023 for the class of 2025) 


  • Bright Star Schools Instructional Assistant Salary - $30,240+/year with vision, dental and health benefits
  • Up to $26,000 in state and federal grants for residents from all credential areas
  • Up to $40K in federal financial aid/loans and the opportunity to apply for scholarships
  • Master's Degree and Credential
  • Priority hiring for a full-time position at the school of Residency
Alder Teacher Residency Program Details


Priority Application Deadlines: October 13th & November 3rd
Additional Deadlines: January 5th, February 2nd & March 22nd

Requirements / Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree completed by the end of July 2024
  • A grade point average (GPA) of 2.65 is preferred; under 2.65 GPA should still apply
  • Eligible to work in the United States DACA, permanent residency, US Citizen

Details For the 2024-2025 Residency Cohort:

Bright Star Schools is looking for qualified applicants in the following subjects: 

  • Special Education - Mild/Moderate
  • Single Subject English
  • Single Subject Mathematics
  • Single Subject Science


Natalie Cooke, Associate Director of Recruitment, at ncooke@aldergse.edu