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Alumni Support & College Success

Alumni Support & College Success

Our Purpose

At Bright Star Schools, we support our students and alumni to succeed far beyond high school graduation.

We believe that every student belongs in and is capable of succeeding in higher education. We also know that getting to college is hard -- and that graduating can be even harder. That's why through Bright Star's Alumni Support and College Success Program, we offer our high school graduates up to six years of personalized, holistic support.


We Work Together

With our alumni to ensure they thrive in higher education, graduate, and are prepared to succeed in their careers and communities.

Our goal is for 100% of our alumni to have a defined educational pathway, and for 55% of our alumni to graduate with a post-secondary degree (bachelor’s, associate’s, or career technical education degree, or workforce development program from an accredited college or program) within 6 years with support from the Alumni Support and College Success Program.

“College has been one of the biggest transitions for me. But I have met some wonderful people who are helping me along the way, especially Genoveva Cortes. She is amazing. She is literally there for me constantly providing me with her support.” 

-- Bryan Castillo, Bright Star Schools Alumnus (2015)
California State University, Los Angeles