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Valor Academy Middle School

Counseling & Restorative Practices

Counseling & Restorative Practices

All Bright Star students, from transitional kindergarten through 12th grade, have a counselor who knows them, their dreams, and their needs so that we can meet them.

At Valor Academy Middle School, we have a low student-to-counselor ratio of 128:1.Our counselors work collaboratively with our students and their families to identify any unique barriers to learning our students may have, and we connect families with community partners that can provide the support our families may need.


Counseling Support

We know that middle school can be a challenging time of growth for adolescents, and at Valor Academy Middle School, we provide robust support so our students thrive. In addition to strong relationships, robust counselor support, and social-emotional curriculum, we also offer student mentorship programs and growth opportunities so our students can navigate middle school successfully.

Restorative Practices

All Valor Academy Middle School staff use restorative justice practices as an effective alternative to punitive responses to wrongdoing. Restorative practices bring people together in a safe and respectful space to promote dialogue, accountability, and a stronger sense of community. We support our students to come together to have restorative conversations, so that they have the opportunity to repair any harm that may have been caused. 


“At Valor Academy Middle School, we're not only providing students with excellent academic support that will help them excel. We're also a place where we care about the emotional and mental wellbeing of our students. Students learn well when they know that the adult in the room cares about them and knows them.”