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Credentialing Support

Credentialing Support

Ready To Teach?

Read more about the credentialing support we offer and the credentials/permits that make you eligible to teach for Bright Star.

Credentialing Expenses Support

Without English Learner Authorization

Application for Emergency CLAD Permit (Temporary English Learner Authorization): $100

CTEL Exam (for EL Authorization) $260 
CTEL Test Prep: TBD

- OR -

CLAD Coursework (for EL Authorization):  50% of cost

*Note: Bright Star Schools will not cover the cost of both CTEL Exam/Prep and CLAD Coursework*

Application for English Learner Authorization: $100 

Without Basic Skills Requirement

CBEST Exam (if needed): $102
CBEST Test Prep: up to $155

Without Subject Matter Competency

CSET Exam: $247
CSET Test Prep: Up to $285

Methodology Course: TBD

Application for Subject Matter Authorization: $100

Eligibility To Teach At Bright Star Schools

* Bright Star Schools will support newly hired teachers to apply for the Emergency CLAD permit should they not hold an EL authorization.

  Intern Credential Preliminary Credential Clear Credential CLAD*
Qualification Requirements - Bachelor’s Degree
- Passage of CBEST or equivalent skills exam
- Passage of CSET or Transcripts (or waiver)
- Completion of TEP
- Passage of CBEST/CSET
- Completion of Induction Program
- Acquisition of preliminary credit
- EL/CLAD Authorization
- Bachelor’s Degree
- Passage of CBEST or equivalent skills exam
- Valid CA Teaching Credential
Duration - 2 Calendar Years from Date Processed - 5 Calendar Years from Date Processed - 5 Calendar Years from Date Renewed - 1 School Year
This pathway is a good fit for you if: You are currently enrolled in a TEP and have been authorized by the TEP/CTC to serve as a practicing teacher through an intern capacity; some requirements for the Preliminary Credential are still outstanding. You have completed a TEP and illustrated competence in Special Education, Multiple Subjects, or a specific Single-Subject matter. You have completed all requirements to renew preliminary teaching credential, to include: CBEST, Subject-Matter Competency, U.S. Constitution, CPR, Livescan Clearance, and Induction Program. You have a credential but do not hold an English Language Authorization for NCLB Compliance.