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How Alumni Support Works

How Alumni Support Works

Our Goal

Any student who graduates with their high school diploma from a Bright Star school is considered alumni and becomes a member of the Bright Star Schools Alumni Support & College Success (ASCS) program for up to 6 years.

The ASCS Program tracks and provides explicit guidance to alumni in ensuring they get to and through higher education. 


We Work With Our Alumni

At Bright Star Schools, our goal is post-secondary success for every Bright Star alumni

We work with our alumni to identify a higher education pathway that will help them accomplish their goals, and then support them on their journey to graduation.

What We Offer

A robust and holistic academic and socio-emotional support that includes:

  • Higher education counseling, coaching, and skill-building
  • Identifying various higher education pathways, majors, and career tracks
  • Providing intensive transfer support from community colleges to four-year universities
  • Financial aid application and budgeting assistance
  • Referring alumni to campus and community resources
  • Helping alumni locate and apply to job and internship opportunities
  • Career counseling and programming to launch high-impact careers

Want To Connect?

Get in touch with your Alumni Support & College Success Coordinator

Valor Academy High School
Stella High Charter Academy
Rise Kohyang High School

Graduate School and Career Support


Bright Star Schools alumni who have earned a degree or CTE certificate can receive additional support with the graduate school application process and/or career coaching.

Contact Genoveva Cortes at gcortes@brightstarschools.org to learn more.

Alumni Testimonial

“Thank you so much for all you have done. In such little time, you have immensely helped me. Thank you for the faith you have in me and the encouragement.”