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Rise Kohyang High School

Academic Program

Academic Program

At Rise Kohyang High School, we hold our students to high standards to ensure that we are able to instill in them the skills and qualities necessary to make them successful adults. 

Additionally, as educators, we  work closely with students and families to ensure that all students are given the tools and proper supports to be successful. 

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

Rise Kohyang High School is proud to offer a robust Advanced Placement (AP) program that spans all departments and grade levels. AP allows students to take college-level courses as a high school student and earn college credit (in addition to high school credit) after passing an end-of-the-year AP exam. 

RKHS students far exceed the AP pass rate compared to other high schools in Los Angeles (70% vs 40%). Students of all grade levels who show strong foundational skills are encouraged to take advanced courses during their time at RKHS.


We offer AP courses in all A-G disciplines

Students who do well in their AP courses are often strong candidates for selective colleges and universities. 

  • English Language & Composition
  • English Literature & Composition
  • Calculus
  • Biology
  • Computer Science Principles
  • Human Geography
  • US History
  • US Government
  • Psychology
  • Spanish Language & Culture
  • Spanish Literature, and 
  • AP Art Studio

In-School Tutoring Program

RKHS offers every student the opportunity to meet with their teachers for individualized tutoring during the week. Our program, called Truly Targeted Intervention (TTI) is a pillar of our academic program. Twice a week, teachers meet with students who need additional time on certain concepts or assignments, including students who were absent or missing class for sports.

Having tutoring during the day allows students to receive the support they need with their classes without conflicting with after school activities/enrichment, jobs, childcare, or athletics. Because of our embedded tutoring program, nearly all (98% by graduation) of our students are on track to graduate.