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Stella Middle Charter Academy

Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome


At Stella Middle Charter Academy, we create an environment where all students receive holistic, inclusive support so that they can achieve academic excellence, grow their unique talents, and find joy and fulfillment in higher education, career and life.

Everything our leadership, faculty, and staff do throughout the year is with this mission in view. 


Founded In 2003

We have been committed to providing the high-quality instruction necessary for our students to be ready for high school and higher education. Simultaneously, we emphasize positive relationships and value the whole child. We know that middle school can be a challenging time for young people, and we attend thoughtfully to our students’ social-emotional needs and growth to ensure they thrive at Stella Middle and beyond.

We are also committed to continually reflecting on our curriculum and practices to ensure that we are embodying anti-biased and anti-racist practices that will empower our students to be agents of change and champions of equity in the world. 

Our Commitment

We hold high expectations for our entire Stella Middle community – students, staff, families, and community members – to support our students’ success. 

We value the partnerships with our families, and we know firsthand the importance of working together with families so we can provide the best education possible for our students. We are grateful for the continued partnership from our families! Together, we are making a lasting impact in our students’ lives.

Jane Han
Stella Middle Charter Academy