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Stella Middle Charter Academy

Academic Program

Academic Program

At Stella Middle Charter Academy, we are committed to providing the high-quality instruction necessary for our students to thrive in high school and higher education.

Here, our entire and extended school community of students, staff, families, and community members upholds high expectations for ourselves and one another.

Growth & Support

In addition to achievement and growth in core academic programs, we believe that our students’ social-emotional, physical wellness, and happiness are equally important. We prioritize strong and positive relationships, restorative practices, and social emotional learning and development.  Additionally, we provide numerous enrichment opportunities including music, art, physical education, and clubs.


Personalized Learning, Interventions and Support


We have adopted the iReady program to support our students with ELA and math skills. iReady is a computer-adaptive program that matches curriculum to where students are individually. Through the program, teachers receive detailed reports regarding student progress so that they can deliver tailored instruction.