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Stella High Charter Academy

Counseling & Restorative Practices

Counseling & Restorative Practices

Counseling Support

At Stella High Charter Academy, we focus on community. Together, we’re building strong relationships with our students and a safe and inclusive space where our students can thrive.

All students at Stella High Charter Academy have a counselor who knows them, their dreams, and their needs. Together, with the support of our families, we support our students to dream big dreams and to realize them. 

We prioritize a low student-to-counselor ratio of 135:1

So that our students have strong relationships with our counselors and can navigate high school and the path to higher education successfully. By comparison, the state of California has an average student-to-counselor ratio of 601:1 (source).

Our counselors are committed to supporting our students’ success at Stella High and beyond, and they help our students identify and successfully pursue the higher education pathway that is right for them. All of our graduates receive up to 6 years of individualized support to succeed in and graduate from higher education. Learn more about our Alumni Support & College Success program.


Restorative Practices

All Stella High staff use restorative justice practices as an effective alternative to punitive responses to wrongdoing. Restorative practices bring people together in a safe and respectful space to promote dialogue, accountability, and a stronger sense of community. 

We support our students to come together to have restorative conversations, so that they have the opportunity to repair any harm that may have been caused. 

At Stella High, they know you. They know not just know your name, but they know who you are.