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Stella High Charter Academy

Academic Program

Academic Program

At Stella High Charter Academy, we hold our students to high standards and provide robust support to ensure that they succeed in high school, in higher education, and in their careers and lives beyond.

Stella High (formerly known as Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy) is ranked in the top 5% of high schools nationwide, and our rigorous academic program prepares our students to thrive in higher education. All of our graduates (100%) meet the A-G requirements to be eligible to attend a Cal State or a University of California school. 

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

Stella High’s Advanced Placement (AP) program allows students to take college-level courses as a high school student and earn college credit (in addition to high school credit) after passing an end-of-the-year AP exam. Stella High is proud to offer a robust AP program, which includes the following courses:

  • Calculus
  • English Literature
  • Human Geography
  • Physics
  • Spanish Language
  • US History

Los Angeles Southwest College Dual Enrollment

“The fact that we have a shared campus with the college allows students to look at what their future can possibly be, as well as we have access to facilities that are being used by professional sports.” - Coach Moreno, Stella High Charter Academy

Additionally, Stella High is located on the Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC) campus, and we offer our students numerous dual enrollment college classes with LASC.

Dual enrollment provides our students with the opportunity to graduate from Stella High with an AA degree and/or career certificate from high school with junior-level credits

Hear From a SHCA Student

“Stella High has prepared me, starting at freshman year, in telling us about what our college expectations are and treating us like college students, but guiding us.”