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Rise Kohyang Middle School

Life Experience Lessons

Life Experience Lessons

Field Trips and Life Experience Lessons (LEL) have been a hallmark of Bright Star Schools’ program since our founding in 2003. Life Experience Lessons are free for our students.

We seek to enhance our students’ education with experiences outside of the classroom that open them up to the world and show them endless possibilities for their lives. 

LEL Program

Our LEL program provides both area day trips and seasonal overnight trips around the country.

  • Day Trips. Here in our kohyang (hometown) of Los Angeles, our students participate in day field trip excursions like hiking, city walks, beach clean-ups, seeing plays, or visiting museums. 
  • Overnight LEL Trips. Overnight trips may include visits to new cities across the state and the country, and to college campuses. Additionally, our students have participated in nature and hiking trips in national parks in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, and in numerous other locations including Big Bear, San Diego, and Catalina Island.
*Please note that we only offer LEL trips when safe and appropriate to do so.