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Rise Kohyang Middle School

Academic Program

Academic Program

“RKMS has a really rigorous academic program and curriculum through each of the content classes and high level assessments. We champion high expectations here.” - Mr. Cosinas, Teacher

At Rise Kohyang Middle School, we balance rigorous and challenging academic instruction with robust support to ensure all students succeed. We also prioritize social-emotional learning and check-ins to build strong relationships between students and staff members. 

Our core instructional program focuses on building students’ foundational language, math, science, and history skills, as well as focusing on critical thinking and collaboration in every subject area. Students also take courses in physical education and the arts. 

How We Support Our Students

Students are supported through an interactive, differentiated English Language Arts (ELA) and math intervention program to ensure students grow continually and make at least one year’s growth in their learning each year. Technology is infused across all classroom learning environments, and students are provided opportunities to continually make real world applications and connections.

Additionally, for students in 7th and 8th grades, we offer ELA and math honors courses that incorporate standards for the grade level and the grade level above. 


Community Partnerships

We have numerous partnerships to offer additional enrichment opportunities for students after school, including the Harvard Westlake Bridge Program (an opportunity for eligible students to take classes in story writing, robotics, graphic design, and French), LOUD (a music program that allows students to participate in a band), and Stand Up With Comedy (which provides stand-up comedy sessions for students to practice and perform).