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Supporting Alumni: 4 Tips

September 8, 2021

We’re proud to stand with our graduates and provide up to 6 years of higher education support through our Alumni Support & College Success (ASCS) program!

Our ASCS director, Genoveva Cortes, shares her expertise on how to best support students in this piece for GradSnapp, “New Student Onboarding: 4 Tips to Maximize Engagement.”

From Genoveva: “Here’s what we have learned over the years about how to nurture those relationships and lay the groundwork for student engagement – starting on day one:

  • Show up early and often.
  • Recognize that every student has their own goals.
  • Make it personal.
  • Find the right incentives.

“Building the foundation for strong student engagement is so crucial to our success that we invest nearly a year of time and resources before students show up to college.

"While we are fortunate to have access to our students throughout senior year, every college success program can prioritize building relationships and establishing trust early on. There’s no better way to begin the college journey together.”

Read the full piece on GradSnapp here.