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Kimberly Arteaga

January 24, 2023

Coordinator, Alumni Support and College Success
Supporting: RKHS Class of 2020-2023

B.A., UC San Diego, Class of 2014

Kimberly Arteaga received her B.A. in Human Development and minor in Chicana/o studies from UC San Diego. She was born and raised in LA and is the first one in her family to go to college and graduate. She has been supporting students in higher education, college access and retention programs for over 7 years. Part of her passion for working with students comes from her own lived experiences. Through her multiple roles she has supported and guided high school and college students in attaining higher education and beyond. She has also worked with community members and parents in supporting students' achieving their hopes and dreams.

Kimberly is excited to continue working with students in her current role as the RKHS Alumni Support and College Success Coordinator. She is here to support and guide students in achieving their maximum potential whether it is with attending higher education or entering the workforce.