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Valor Academy Elementary School

Academic Program

Academic Program

At Valor Academy Elementary School, we strive to balance rigorous academics with holistic support so our students can reach the expectations we have for their success.

We approach everything with a growth mindset. At Valor Elementary, we offer our students a place to be their best selves. Here, our students learn, grow, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. Together, we help each other become the people we want to be, both academically and social-emotionally. Through family engagement and regular communication, we partner with families to ensure our students thrive. 

Interventions & Support

Our teachers monitor student learning regularly and engage students in both enrichment and as-needed intervention during the school day. 

To support our students’ learning in English Language Arts (ELA) and math, we have adopted the iReady program. iReady is a computer program that provides personalized learning for each student, based on where they are individually. Our teachers receive detailed reports about students’ progress, and tailor their teaching accordingly to meet students’ learning needs. 


“Here, we love to dance. We love to sing. We love to make learning fun. We love to have hands-on and engaging activities. We're all together in this and we just want to make things great for everyone."