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Stella Elementary Charter Academy

Academic Program

Academic Program

At Stella Elementary Charter Academy, we offer high quality instruction, a social justice focus, robust support, and enrichment opportunities for our students to thrive. We focus on developing our students to become Stella Leaders who have a heart of empathy, mind of consciousness, and spirit of joy.

We believe that achievement and growth in core academic programs is important, and equally important is a child’s social-emotional, physical wellness, and happiness. We balance rigorous academics and a social justice focus, with holistic and counselor support and enrichment opportunities including art, dance, and physical education.

Social Justice Program

Our social justice focus is infused throughout our program, including:

  • Classrooms named after a social justice leader, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Malala Yousafzai, or Cesar Chavez
  • Daily morning meeting that include community circles and "core value of the month" discussion
  • Social justice curriculum that includes teaching tolerance and books to teach empowerment, voice, leadership, tolerance, acceptance, and outreach